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Bold Street

Stephen Wolstenholme

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Transcript for Stephen Wolstenholme

I used to go to the Medici Art Gallery in Bold Street to look at prints and this was the first shop that I saw that had reproductions of LS Lowry’s paintings for example. So when I was a student I bought an LS Lowry reproduction for my room and it always amuses me that he’d become a lot more popular since. I thought I discovered LS Lowry in the Medici Gallery in Bold Street in 1972 but I think he was discovered a bit before then. I think it was a specialist shop, it was artist materials, greeting cards, and prints and things but Bold Street certainly had smarter shops and shoe shops and quality shops like that rather than the chain stores of Church Street, where Woolworths and George Henry Lees and Lord Street with British Home Stores, where all the main department stores were.