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Charles Pink and Co

Rita Martelli

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Transcript for Rita Martelli

It’s a shop now, if it was still in being today it would be condemned and it certainly wouldn’t be allowed to be open as a business because health and safety would not allow it. It was a hovel of a place and I used to say to my boss, he wasn’t Charles Pink, Charles Pink was his father, his name was Arnold, and I used to say to him because it was terrible, it really was bad. If you’d seen the toilet facilities even, it was an absolute disgrace and I used to say to him ‘why don’t you do something with this shop?’ and he’d say to me ‘Do we ever get broken into?’ and I’d say ‘well no’ and he said ‘that’s why I won’t'. Because nobody knew that we sold jewellery in there worth whatever, it wasn’t a costume jewellery place it was a jewellers, a wholesale jewellers that used to supply a lot of the jewellers in town.