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Park Lane

Margaret Williams - pubs

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Transcript for Margaret Williams - pubs

There used to be a pub on every corner of this Lane. In fact there was one on this short street here; Dickenson Street, it was called The Curio and it was just here on this corner. There was The Letters, The Long Lobby, The Gas House. Oh, there were so many of them, you could just go like that; come out of one and go just a few yards into another one and then cross the street, like that all the way, right up the Lane, this Lane. Now there’s not one. There was The Horse Shoe and there was one in particular that was over across the street called the Lord De Tabley and that was where I used to go; as me and my husband used to say ‘our watering hole’ (laughs). That was our watering hole where we used to go at the weekend and Sundays they had the over 50s club and we used to act like a lot of kids and teenagers. We used to have really good fun.