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Park Lane

Colin Drakefield

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Transcript for Colin Drakefield

Colin: "Virtually every corner had a pub on it."

Interviewer: "Do any spring to mind?"

Colin (consults a photograph of the area): "There was a big pub here and that was a Walkers (points to photograph), I can’t remember what it was called. See, you can see the sign, it says ‘Walkers Ale, Walkers Warrington Ale pub. This other one here, that was another big one on the corner there (points to photograph), I just can’t remember what they were called though. As I say, you can see how busy it was the 60s; they still had shops, grocers and stuff like that, pawn shops, all sorts. It was all the way up, all the way up right to the top, even facing that church there (referring to picture). That’s still standing actually and that’s St James’s church, right at the top there, that’s still standing and that’s at the corner of Parliament Street, St James church. Could be one of the oldest in the area. There was sweets shops here, grocers; you could virtually buy anything in the area."