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Derby Square

Colin Drakefield

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Transcript for Colin Drakefield

They were Victorian, it was all tiles, spotless and all around the top all the tanks were glass, the cisterns were glass and there were goldfish in it. People say ‘no’ but there were definitely goldfish in them because I remember seeing the bloke that used to clean them, he was really spot on because everything was spotless and they were all underground and it was a big round thing because it was underneath the island, a round toilet, spotless. I think the only thing better than them was the one in The Philharmonic, top of Hardman Street, but they were fantastic toilets. When we were kids we used to go in them and we’d look around and you’d see the tanks with the goldfish in them and we’d say ‘what happens when the water comes out and he’d say ‘well it soon fills up again'.