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The Baltic Fleet

Tony Wailey - revisit

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Transcript for The Baltic Fleet revisited by Tony Wailey

Coming up here to the Baltic Fleet, this was the classic entrance to the Southern Docks and renowned for not so much staying open as locking in. I remember being with some people who said they only wanted another pint but they couldn't get away really once those doors were closed. This was at the time when you know, the pubs used to close at half past ten and three o'clock and it was renowned for sort of stay behinds and lock-ins and you know, a good pub. I'm glad to see it's still going well because it seems to have fought back against the odds when so many of the Liverpool pubs have closed down. Of course what you've got the remember is that there was very few pubs on the Southern Dock road, because most of them, the pub on every corner, was more the North end. And I suppose there were lots of pubs on Park Lane and Park Road but here on the Dock Road itself quite few pubs, just the Baltic Fleet and then the Coberg and further on the Seven Steps. So maybe that said something about the character of the area, I don't know, they still seemed to drink as much as the North end.