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Queen Square market

Vincent Hessey - revisit

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Transcript for Vincent Hessey - revisit

This is amazing, I'm just walking down Row Street past the Royal Court Theatre and it brings back many, many memories of you know, when I was a teenager, fifteen years of age, working in this area. Just coming up to what I remember as Great Charlotte Street, and Great Charlotte Street went right through up towards where Lewis's is now and McDonald's restaurant. And as we went up Great Charlotte Street we would pass the old fish market which was on the left hand side. The old St John's market had now been demolished and there was a temporary market actually opposite where Wetherspoons is, you know, on Great Charlotte Street. Just where the Marriot is situated, which was the corner of Queen Square and Row Street, there was a hotel there which was called the Victoria Hotel. And it was interesting because at the Victoria Hotel there's what we used to call 'The Hole in the Wall' where you could get tea, coffee and breakfast. And then sort of going down towards where Queen Square is now, it was literally a square and that was the old fruit and vegetable market.