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The Lisbon

Sandi Hughes - interior

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Transcript for Sandi Hughes - interior

It’s not very different from the way it is now because there’s loads of dark brown wood all around. It makes me think of the insides of ships. I think you’ll find a lot of pubs were sort of decorated like that. So all the walls were like that and the ceiling is just amazing, it’s all different colours, can’t even remember if it’s a pattern or it might be flowers but really decorative and it makes me think of, it’s like it’s something camp but it’s like camp in a way of theatre or something like that, theatre, more so than any other sort, like theatre in the way of where everything’s over the top. So it was like an ‘L’ shaped room, quite big, the bar stretched from one end the length of the ‘L’ to the, say about half way which is where the door was to go out. It was the pull handle pumps on all the drinks. At the back behind the bar there’s still the same colour wood that’s on the walls which is like what the shelves are made of and there’s these big massive mirrors, say from about waist length up to the ceiling, you know all nice shapes. It’s really grand like, grand looking.