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The Lisbon

Sandi Hughes - people

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Transcript for Sandi Hughes - people

In the Lisbon, you had all kinds of people in there you know. You had Dockers in there, you had sailors in there ‘cause it wasn’t far from where the docks, the ships had docked and all that. So all along Victoria Street which came up from the River Mersey you’d find sailors in most of the pubs along the way. Not really very many young people, I’m talking about like 5 o’clock I’d work there, so it was them kind of people. If there was ships in you’d see different sailors propping up the bar, always loud and really happy like they were made up being in Liverpool because I think there was so much choice in the way of diversity of the people. You know, you could talk to different people and hear stories from all over the world, it was lovely.