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The Pier Head

Last tram in Liverpool, 1957

Courtesy of Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society / Angus Tilston

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Transcript for Last tram in Liverpool, 1957

Another familiar sight was to disappear in 1957, in September Liverpool Corporation Tramways with their unique streamlined Green Goddesses and Baby Grams, one of the most modern tramways in the country closed. This was thought by many to be another act of municipal vandalism, short term thinking meant closure. The run down started after the war and as a result only the route to Bowring Park via Edge Lane remained. On 14th September 1957 a procession of trams with Liverpool's official last tram in the rear left Pier Head via the city centre to travel to the terminus by Bowring Park. The last tram would be preserved, but not in this country, it went to a museum in the USA.