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John Quirk - JS Quine

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Transcript for John Quirk - JS Quine

Somewhere round here there used to be a blacksmiths called JS Quine. When I was in Oxford Electric they used to make bits and bobs for us and one of the things I do remember is big soldering irons because we used to do a lot of soldering on the armatures. They were specialist in soldering irons and they'd bring the blocks of copper down and they would mould them into a shape to suit our requirements and they made all other things. But I don't know whereabout it was - somewhere around here, Liver Street. So much has changed now I don't know. If I remember rightly, he was only small I think, round face, really rugged face, bloody cheeks and all that, a leather apron. He looked a right rough character you know. Nice fellow though, I don't know what happened to him, probably like all blacksmiths, they've all gone now.