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Liverpool Cathedral

Excerpt from 'Three Cathedrals' by Angus Tilston

Courtesy of Angus Tilston

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Transcript for Excerpt from 'Three Cathedrals' by Angus Tilston

By the early 70s work on the marathon job of constructing the Anglican Cathedral was nearing completion. Stone was cut and taken from Woolton quarries to the Cathedral site in the early days it would have been horse drawn transport, the best pieces were chosen. In the workshops stone masons worked on the stone, cutting it with the use of templates to give the final shapes and sizes. In the later days of building more modern tools could be used compared to 1904 when construction began. Working on top of the Cathedral was a tricky, cold and windy job for most of the year, today workers would have to wear hard-hats and protective clothing but even as late as the 1970s that was not even considered. By October 1978 work was finished in time for the Queen to officially mark its completion. What a contrast it was to that day in June 1904 when Edward VII laid the foundation stone at what was to be a 74 year project, designed by the young architect Giles Gilbert Scott and spanning the reigns of four monarchs. 24th October 1978 and the Queen, dressed in Royal Blue mounted the steps and entered thereby marking the completion of one of the biggest Cathedrals in the world.