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Canning Place

Archive footage of construction plans

Courtesy of Angus Tilston. Copyright Liverpool City Council

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Transcript for Archive footage of construction plans

Narrator: "On the way up from the Pier Head one passes one of the worst blitzed areas in the city centre, here in the old days were many well known shops, including Frisbee Dykes, a name that somehow still seems familiar. I noticed that new gardens had been laid out here and that a considerable amount of rebuilding was going on. I knew that the cities redevelopment committee had re-planed the centre of the city and had models of the shape of things to come. So I called on the city engineer and surveyor to ask about the planning of this area. Yes this is the place I was looking at, you call that the Lord Street blitz area don't you?"

Surveyor:"Yes, and it's one of the largest blitz central areas in the country, it's about 46 acres in extent and in 1941 after nearly a year of bombing we regarded this as a catastrophe."

Narrator: "Yes I see."

Surveyor:"And now it's an opportunity. For example here is the scheme for this area. This is the proposed bus station, and helicopter landing place. These are proposed offices. And here is a row of shops. This is the garden that you have already seen. And this building is already in course of erection, and I do know that these other buildings will be started quite soon."