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Landing stage

Val Pugh

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Transcript for Val Pugh

You’d go to the Pier Head and to go down on the boat there was a landing stage and it was all wood with great big tyres everywhere for the boats. The boats used to come right up to you, where this table is now that’s how close the boats used to go over the water and you used to stand there. To go down to this there was a great big steep, what would you call it? Like a passageway but it was across the river to get to the boat and it was lovely and I can still hear them now. As families you went on a Sunday in the summer, you went over to Morton to collect cockles and have a day out and it would be chocker. Sardines you were going down this thing to the boat and I can hear now the noise, everyone happy and you can hear the noise in your head, the happiness and the chatter and the excitement of the children running down. I remember one time I was that excited and I’m running down and I come to mum and I held my mum’s hand and I’m still running and when I looked up it wasn’t my mum (laughter). I was saying "Oh, where’s me mam!" You called her your mam in them days.