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Llewellyns Carrier Bikes

Colin Drakefield

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Transcript for Colin Drakefield

Colin: "Llewellyn’s was where you used to get your carrier bikes from. They used to repair and rent out carrier bikes and sell them, stuff like that."

Interviewer: "So this is where you’d go for your bikes?"

Colin: "Yes. If there was anything wrong we’d take it back to Llewellyn’s and they’d give us another one or things like that. We used to come down Duke Street on the carrier bikes, without peddling, cause chaos. You used to have a small wheel on the front and like a big metal frame on the front with a basket in it and you’d pile your stuff in it. It used to have like a stand on it that you’d pull up back and it’d stand up and then you’d fill it, you’d pull the stands up and then you’d have to start riding with this load on the front."