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Val Pugh

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Transcript for Val Pugh

Val: "We’d all have to walk down to Coopers in Church Street and that was the best place for sausages, Coopers sausages. So that sticks in all our minds, going down to Coopers for sausages."

Interviewer:"Was that a treat Val?"

Val:"That was a treat to get these sausages. We’d get sausages from our local butcher but to have these sausages I think, really maybe it was the treat of going into the city centre and going into this big store and it smelt of lovely coffee, it smelt lovely with the mixed spices of all the meats and coffee."

Interviewer:"So what kind of shop what is?"

Val:"I remember it just for food; whether or not they sold anything else I don’t know. I just remember it for the food and the day out of going to Coopers."