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Working docks

Kevin Smith

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Transcript for Kevin Smith

I got sent to the dock and you used to get, I think around about 1976, 77 they tried to start a union and it was only for fruit porters, what used to be called fruit skins years ago. That’s what you’d call fruit skins because all you used to work on the dock was fruit and nearly every dock from Gladstone all the way down, used to have fruit boats. You could go to an apple boat in the Brocklebank I think it was and you could be on that ship for about three weeks because there was no containerisation then. You could have 2,000 apples but it could be 100,000 boxes of apples on there and you’d have to wait. Then you’d go to the south one, Canada, that used to bring melons in from Chile but there’s fellas older than me that could tell you more about it but when you look at it, in them docks then there’d be melons that you’d be repacking, next to you would be fish meal.