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Working docks

Colin Drakefield

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Transcript for Colin Drakefield

Colin: "It was quite busy because it was sort of going down. The south end was coming to an end because they started up the top end with the, up towards Seaforth, with the container docks and that sort of killed off the majority of the south end of the docks."

Interviewer:"So by the time you started working in the 60s it was already..."

Colin:"They were still quite busy but, as I say, it was more or less the back end of the 60s going into the 70s when they started containerisation and that was right at the far end of the docks, up towards Seaforth way. But they were quite busy because we used to deliver to ships and also we used to go as far as Garston Docks to deliver down there because they used to get a lot of fruit boats in the Garston Docks and the Queen’s Dock, that used to be the fruit place as well and when that went quiet they moved the fruit up towards Canada Dock."