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Working docks

Vincent Hessey

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Transcript for Vincent Hessey

And then next to the Queens Dock you had the Kings Dock, now Kings Dock they were - in through that port would be the oranges. And the oranges would be, sort of, or probably stand about that height. You know they would be bound with wire and they were quite heavy, you know a case of oranges would be maybe 176, I know that because we called them one-seven-sixes. 176 in a case and there was a particular way of lifting them up. You know, always bend with your knees not with your back, that's what we were always taught. So you'd push it over, you'd bend down and you'd get your hand underneath and your arm round that, bend with your knees and then get it onto your shoulder. And then they had to be then stacked, so you know you'd get one - two - three, three high, so three high is looking around about you know, eight or nine foot in height.