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Dock Road

Pat Moran

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Transcript for Pat Moran

They still had him until the 1970s and the reason he had them is that it was illegal for a horse and cart to stand in standing traffic. If there was a ship owner or a shipper that had been late getting his piece of cargo down to the ship and he was going to miss that ship he would, Critcher would charge him a premium, a king’s ransom to put his piece of cargo on this horse and cart to get that piece of cargo to the ship. As soon as the policeman on the dock gate saw the horse and cart away in the distance, pulling on to the Dock Road, he used to step out and call him through because a horse and cart was not allowed to stay in standing traffic, in queuing traffic. So therefore Mr Crutchley got a lot of money out of that horse and cart. Even if he only got one or two jobs a week he did alright.