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Queen Square market

Ken Martin

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Transcript for Ken Martin

I remember St John’s market and the fish market in the 50s but it was very very rough. It had got very run down and those buildings were very tired. They could have been retained but they would have needed a lot of money spending on them. And all of this area, the fruit market there (indicates on a map), was full of lorries. The fruit market was also in Queen Square here, by the Stork Hotel, and there were all sorts of fruit exchanges there and it was very very interesting. I remember buying, as a student, buying trays of oranges very cheaply, you could do that. It was a thriving city in many ways, it was very lively. All of that is gone of course, it’s nostalgia to talk about it because this was all full of lorries, you couldn’t get down Mathew Street for lorries. The Stork Hotel was a lovely building, Queen Square had the Stork Hotel at the end of it and then along here were all these fruit places, then there was the Midland Bank and then the road came up and St George’s Hall was at the end. As you came up here there was the Royal Court and there was a square opposite that was all cobbled and it was just full of lorries, like this (indicates on map), of people trading. It was fantastic. At the end was the Stork Hotel and the Stork Hotel was like this, I’ll draw it upside down (draws on map). It was a classical building, like this, with windows and it was all white rendered and it was just very nice and the sides of the square were there like this (draws on map) and then there were all the fruit lorries. It was bustling, it felt like Italy.