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Queen Square market

Vincent Hessey - market

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Transcript for Vincent Hessey - market

Now Queen Square used to be the outdoor fruit and vegetable market and I worked there from 1964 through till 1969 (Vincent plots the location on a map). I worked there from '64 to '69 for a company called SC Saltmarsh which was Samuel Cecil Saltmarsh and Samuel Saltmarsh used to be a local councillor for, I don't know whether it was the Liberals but it was certainly one of the local councils at the time. That was a fascinating place to work because we would start at five o'clock in the morning unloading the lorries as they came in with fresh fruit and vegetables. We'd have to go and unload the lorries which had come from the docks which was bringing in foreign produce: tomatoes, oranges, apples, bananas, particularly bananas, green bananas off the Elders and Fife bananas. That was a very very busy occupation; we'd probably finish around about one o'clock in the afternoon.