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Mann Island

Eddie Bartlett

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Transcript for Eddie Bartlett

In Liverpool, there used to be a pool in Liverpool, Mann Island you must have heard of Mann Island, it's gone now but that's where Mnan Island was. And over in Birkenhead, especially with Blue Funnel that's where you'd sign on the ships there, sign on for Blue Funnel. As I say I was on the Pyrrhus, the Clytoneus and after a few years Elder Dempster was amalgamated with Alfred Holt. When I started and I think if you ask any of the lads, Alfred Holt used to be a very big firm, there used to be about, I think there was 62 ships over on Birkenhead side but also it involved Liverpool side. So I reckon if you spoke to ten young chaps or ten men, in Liverpool or Birkenhead, you'd find seven out of ten would be seamen. Either on the decks, officers, engineers. That's what it was like, in them days.