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Williamson Square

1970s footage

Courtesy of Angus Tilston

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Transcript for 1970s footage

Early in the 20th century Carl Gustav Jung the Swiss philosopher had a dream in which he dreamt Liverpool was the pool of life. our pool of life is Williamson Square, in the mid 70s it was a lively centre for entertainment and trade and a good place for sitting and watching the world go by. The square is in the heart of Liverpool. These scenes show a typical day in the square in which you will find familiar figures from the past. Harry Benden was a regular entertainer with his favourite song 'Marta (Rambling Rose of the Wildwood)'. He appeared at the Argyle Theater, Birkenhead and because of his popularity was given a spot at a local club for a time. Here's another regular selling jumping beans and other novelties. The Merseyside PTE Band played regularly, originally the were the Liverpool Passenger Transport Band. Punch and Judy ran by the Codman family had been part of the Liverpool scene since Victorian days. It had its origins in Italy. Catholic Action held meetings in different parts of the city including the Pier Head, it was especially favoured by the older generation. Children used the escalators from the overhead walkway as a play area. Barrel Organ Phil from the Burnley area travelled all over the North West. Many people enjoyed seeing traditional English Morris Dancers who took up almost the whole Square. Exhibitions and campaigns would be centred here from time to time. Sometimes it would be a large exhibition like Save the Planet. There were plenty of seats to help you relax and see what was going on, a free show. By the 90s all the seats had disappeared and there was no where to sit and watch the world go by.