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Merseyside Bananas

Kevin Smith - deliveries

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Transcript for Kevin Smith - deliveries

We used to get the bananas from the Canary Islands on the South One Kings then, and they were called the Monty Boats. They used to come in wrapped in straw, then wrapped with brown paper and tied with ties, so the van used to pick them up from South Castle Street from South One Kings and then bring them to us. We’d put a string, tied through the stalk, hang them up on hooks, then cut all the paper off, the straw off, and the bananas would just be bright green then and you’d put them in that room, shut the doors and he’d shoot gas into it, this gas that would ripen them quicker. So as we had one ripening, the top one you’d be cutting them. So what you do, you used to take them off one hook, put them on the other and you used to have like a special curve knife and you’d start cutting hands off. They used to go in purple, blue and white, that’s how good they were, I think the best ones were pink and the loose ones, the bananas that fall off loose, I think they were the white ones. We used to pack them in wooden boxes.