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Kevin Smith - snake

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Transcript for Kevin Smith - snake

Sometimes you’d be working there and you’d cut it and a snake or something would fall off the, what do you call it, the stem. One day, one fell off and me and the other cutter, no I was cutting he was packing, we just ran out because we saw it slithering along with all this paper and straw and we decided to phone up, well the boss did, the School of Tropical Medicine. So this girl came down, only a young one in a white coat and she said ‘what have you found?’ and we went ‘we're not going in there’. So we went in with like a big stick and everything and followed her in and she went through the straw and the paper and just picked it up, she said ‘it’s not poisonous’ and I said ‘it looked like it to me girl!’ We said it was big but when it come out it wasn’t all that big.