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Overhead Railway

Pat Moran

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Transcript for Pat Moran

Pat: "It was a huge huge social contributor to the life of the city, enormous."

Interviewer: "What do you mean ‘social contributor’?"

Pat: "Well, it moved all the people around dirt cheap. As I say, one train every six minutes, from half past six in the morning at Seaforth Sands it was just continuous, it’s like the London Underground now. There’s a continuous stream of people going down, a train pulls in, it clears everyone off the platform and as the train’s pulling out the platform’s filling up again and by the time the next train comes in, which is only a matter of minutes later, the platform’s full. Well it used to be like that. It would have a huge number of people on the train, moving them backwards and forwards, remembering that there was 57,000 foot fall a day on the docks, 57,000 people a day on the docks and most of these were moved by the Overhead."