Floor plan

Follow our Cunard trail (pdf) around the building - download it here or pick up a copy when you visit. The Cunard 175 display and Cunard trail have been made possible by the support of Cunard.


plan of the basement displays in the museum

Ground floor

plan of the ground floor displays in the museum

First floor

plan of the first floor displays in the museum

Second floor

plan of the second floor displays in the museum

Third floor

The  International Slavery Museum  is on the third floor. 

Fourth floor

plan of the 4th floor of the museum

Ships, quaysides and docks

Two historic vessels, the Edmund Gardner pilot ship and three-masted schooner De Wadden, are kept in dry dock opposite the museum. There are buoys, anchors and other objects on the dockside, including the Lusitania propeller.  This area is not currently accessible for visitors but special tours of the Edmund Gardner can be booked during the summer.

Visitors can also book special tours of Liverpool's Old Dock.  Tours start at the museum and it is a short walk to see Liverpool's first dock.