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The Titanic disaster

Please note that the first floor gallery 'Titanic, Lusitania and the forgotten Empress' is closed from 22 October 2014. The Titanic objects from this gallery will go back on display in the Titanic exhibition on the second floor from 15 November 2014.

ship model detail showing name 'Titanic Liverpool'


Futher information

The Maritime Archives and Library|  also hold a lot of relevant material about the Titanic, including the only surviving first class ticket. You can read more online, with information sheet number 41: RMS Titanic.|

Read the full story in the Titanic and Liverpool book,|which is available to buy from the online shop.

Museum events

There are regular free events, talks and roleplayer performances about the Titanic. Further details and upcoming dates are in our Titanic events programme.|