A transcript of a short audio excerpt from a lecture about his book Titanic and Liverpool| by Dr Alan Scarth, on 23 May 2011. Listen to the excerpt on this page|.

Dr Alan Scarth: Next year of course is the 100th anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage in April and the sinking just a few days after that. There will be world wide media interest both this year and next year, focussing in Britain predominantly, one would expect, in Belfast where the ship was built and Southampton, the port from which she sailed and to which the majority of her crew belonged.

The real purpose of my book is to re-focus and to say that if you concentrate on the role of Belfast and Southampton exclusively as regards Britain, there's a great big hole in the Titanic story which can only be filled really by Liverpool. Because Liverpool, as I will demonstrate, plays a major part in the Titanic story from start to finish.

The other thing is I've just written this book last year but next year we're going to be doing a big exhibition to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage and sinking. That will be opening here in March 2012. So a lot of the information I'll be conveying here will re-emerge hopefully in that exhibition too. So you're getting a preview of the exhibition next year to some extent.