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John Harman

John Harman

About John

John Harman (whose name is sometimes recorded as Hannan) was born in County Cork, Ireland. In 1915 he lived at 4 Albert Terrace, Rathbourne Street, Liverpool, Lancashire.

He served on board the Lusitania as an able seaman in the Deck Department on her final voyage, which departed from Pier 54 in New York on 1 May 1915.

He survived the sinking, six days later.

A report in the 'Irish Times' on 10 May 1915 states:

"...said he was on deck, and he saw the torpedo coming through the water to the Lusitania. He had hardly realised what it was when the explosion occurred. He went to the boats, and was one of those who helped to launch boat No. 15."


Cunard Records, Irish Times.

John Harman



Age at time of sailing:

Address at time of sailing:
4 Albert Terrace, Rathbourne Street, Liverpool

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