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Henry Beckett

Henry Beckett

About Henry

James Henry Beckett, always known as Henry, was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on 27 July 1876, the son of James Henry and Margaret Beckett. His father was a mariner, while his mother was a milliner, and the family resided in the Kirkdale area of Liverpool.

In 1898 he married Margaret Reid and in 1911 the family resided at 17 Arvon Street, Bootle, Liverpool.

Henry Beckett served as Passenger Cook in the Stewards' Department on board the final voyage of the Lusitania. When the great liner sank on the afternoon of 7 May 1915 off the southern coast of Ireland, Henry Beckett was lucky to be counted among the survivors who were rescued and landed at Queenstown. From there he eventually made his way back to his wife and family in Liverpool. In keeping with all the other crew survivors, he was paid off for the voyage, up until 8 May 1915.

Henry Beckett continued to serve as a cook on passenger liners until the end of 1932. He died in Liverpool in late 1940, aged 64 years.


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Henry Beckett



Age at time of sailing:

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17 Arvon Street, Bootle, Liverpool
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