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Thomas Comerford

Thomas Comerford

About Thomas

Thomas Comerford was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on 27 November 1884, the son of John and Mary Comerford.

He was a professional steward in the British Mercantile Marine, and was unmarried.

He served as a first class waiter in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania and was fortunate enough to survive the sinking. It was not until the afternoon of Monday 10 May however that a telegram arrived at the family home in Douglas to tell relatives that he was amongst the saved.

Other than this, nothing more is known about his life or his further service with the Mercantile Marine.

Thomas Comerford died at 54 Glenavon Road, Birkenhead, Cheshire, on 23rd May 1947, and his home address recorded as being 33 Naylor Street, Liverpool. It seems likely he had no dependants or family as he left his estate of £8,591-12s-0d (£8,591.60) to Thomas Alphaeus Stanfield and Ralph Edwin Taylor, who were listed as accountants.


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Thomas Comerford



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