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Thomas Archibald Crawford

Thomas Archibald Crawford

About Thomas Archibald

Thomas Archibald Crawford was born in Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England in 1890, the son of Thomas Archibald and Elizabeth Jane Crawford. He lived at the family home, 1 Argo Road, Crosby, near Liverpool, Lancashire. By 1915 his father, who was a commercial traveller by occupation, had died.

He served as Third Butcher in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania and signed on at Liverpool on 12 April 1915 at a monthly rate of pay of £5-10s-0d (£5.50). He joined the liner at 7am on 17 April, before she left the River Mersey on her last ever voyage to the United States.

He survived the sinking and was paid the balance of wages due to him, £5-8s-8d (£5.43) upon his discharge.

He continued to serve with the Mercantile Marine until he was killed, whilst serving as Fourth Butcher on board the hospital ship Britannic on 21 November 1916.

The Britannic, completed in 1914, and grossing 48,758 tons, was a sister ship to the ill-fated Titanic. She had originally belonged to the White Star Line before being taken over by the Admiralty as a hospital ship on 13 November 1915. She was on passage, empty of patients, from Southampton via Naples to Mudros on the island of Imbros in the Aegean Sea, when she struck a mine in the Kea Channel and sank. The mine had been laid by the German submarine U 73.

Before the ship sank most of the personnel managed to get into lifeboats, but some of these were then drawn into the thrashing screws and were then killed as the lifeboats were splintered. 21 crew members and 9 officers and men from the Royal Army Medical Corps were lost. One of these crew members was Fourth Baker Crawford, who was aged 27 years.


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Thomas Archibald Crawford



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1 Argo Road, Crosby
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