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David McClelland

David McClelland

About David

David McClelland was born in Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire on 18 June 1896, the son of Robert and Margaret McClelland. His father was a marine fireman in the mercantile marine. In 1915 the family resided at 41 Chesnut Grove, Bootle, Liverpool.

He served as an Extra Extra Second Cook in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania and survived the sinking.

On recovering from his experience, in December 1915, David enlisted as 8795 Private David McClelland in the 3rd Battalion of the Kings Liverpool Regiment. He later transferred to the Machine Gun Corps, qualifying as a machine gunner, and serving for the duration of the war as 85942 Private David McClelland.

While still serving in the army, he married Ada Waller in Liverpool on 5 January 1918. They set up home at 79 Radley Drive, Liverpool.

After the war David returned to being a cook in the mercantile marine, serving on various liners for many years.

He died on 30 March 1960 at Walton Hospital, Liverpool, aged 63 years. On 29 November 1961 administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Ada. His effects amounted to £1,600.


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David McClelland



Age at time of sailing:

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41 Chesnut Grove, Bootle, Liverpool
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