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John McIver

John McIver

About John

John (Jack) McIver lived at 127. York Drive, Hyndland, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

He was a professional seaman, and his usual ship was the Anchor Liner S.S. Cameronia upon which he engaged as an assistant steward at Glasgow on 15th April 1915.  However, the Admiralty requisitioned the Cameronia for war use as a troop ship at the end of April 1915 and on 1st May 1915, nine crew members not needed for her new rôle, (stewards, stewardesses and a matron) were transferred to the Lusitania.

These included John McIver who transferred to the Stewards' Department, as a waiter for the Lusitania's final cross- Atlantic voyage, where he shared a cabin with a fellow Glaswegian, Steward James Glancy, who also transferred from the S.S. Cameronia.

Despite the ordeal of her sinking, John McIver survived and was landed at Queenstown.  While there, he was able to identify the remains of one of his friends from the Cameronia, a fellow steward and Glaswegian, Thomas Edgar Stewart, who was body number 41.  He was unable to locate James Glancy, who also lost his life.

Jack McIver eventually made it back to his Glasgow home.

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John McIver



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