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Henry McKenzie

Henry McKenzie

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Henry McKenzie engaged as a night watchman in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania at Liverpool on 12th April 1915 and reported for duty on board, on the morning of 17th April before the liner left Princes Landing stage at Liverpool for the very last time.

Three weeks later, after the liner was torpedoed, he was forced into the sea and swam around for two and a half hours before he managed to reach an overturned lifeboat.  With eight or nine others, he managed to cling to this until he was eventually rescued by a fishing trawler, which eventually landed him at Queenstown.

When he eventually reached Liverpool, he was officially discharged from the Lusitania’s final voyage and paid the balance of wages owing to him.  In keeping with all the crew, his wages were calculated for the period of the voyage which was reckoned to be from 17th April 1915 until 8th May, 24 hours after the ship foundered.

Cunard Records, Lancashire Daily Post, PRO BT 100/345.

Henry McKenzie



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