Reviews of Lusitania: life, loss, legacy

There has been a great reaction to Lusitania: life, loss, legacy. See what two of the relatives of the Lusitania's crew thought of the exhibition in these videos: 

'Lusitania: life, loss, legacy' in the press:

Video transcripts

Dave Knowles

"I'm Dave Knowles. I'm the grandson of Joseph Parry who was a crew member on the Lusitania. 

I've come here today to look at the exhibition, part of which involves my grandfather, who won a bronze medal for saving life at sea - him and another gentleman Leslie Morton saved over 100 lives and both got medals presented by King George V.

I'm quite proud today to see it on show. Its been kept at home for many years but I felt it was time that it should go on show to the public, who should see what a hero he was.

It's very nice to see it here in the exhibition today."

Val Steele

"My name is Val Steele. Tom Evans who went down on the Lusitania was my grandfather and I am the daughter of his youngest son Hugh.

At the exhibition today we've learnt so much that we did not know before. My father had a bad impediment in his speech and on the research we've learnt that he got that severe impediment learning of the death of his father that went down on the Lusitania.

My father was only 11 when the ship went down so the memories that were passed onto me were very few and far between. But we have found out so much from this exhibition and I just hope that other families that have links with it find out as much about their families as we have."

Lusitania docked by the Liver building on Liverpool's waterfront

Lusitania alongside Liverpool landing stage c1911-14 © unknown, believed to be expired