Archaeological Services staff

Ron Cowell, MIFA, curator of prehistoric archaeology

A specialist in the prehistoric archaeology, landscape archaeology and wetlands of North West England.

Dr Liz Stewart, curator of archaeology and the historic environment

A buildings archaeologist with particular interest in the Medieval and later periods, Liz curates the regional archaeology collection and is especially involved with engaging people in the archaeology of the region through exhibition development and community archaeology projects.  

Jeff Speakman, assistant curator, field archaeology

A specialist in medieval and post-medieval ceramics from the North West, with over eighteen years experience with the University of Liverpool, North West Archaeological Trust and National Museums Liverpool and special responsibility as finds post-excavation manager.

Dr Mark Adams, archaeological project officer

A specialist in ancient metallurgy and for over twelve years a field officer with the department, directing many excavations in the county, including several major Romano-British sites, and excavations in Bulgaria on behalf of the University of Liverpool.

Clare Ahmad, archaeological project assistant

Clare has excavated on many sites in the county and in Bulgaria over the last ten years after graduating from the University of Liverpool, and has developed a specialism in finds and post-excavation archives.