Post-medieval finds

In Merseyside the Field Archaeology unit have excavated Post-medieval sites at Big Lea Green Farm and Brownlow Hill.

Image showing a variety of different fragments found in the excavations, as described in the text

Some of the finds excavated at Brownlow Hill, Liverpool in 1997 and 1998

The finds pictured on this page are, clockwise from top left;

  • Fragments of blue and white decorated porcelain
  • A fragment of a moulded biscuit tea bowl ('biscuit' is the first firing of the vessel before it is decorated and glazed)
  • Part of a near complete 'saggar' (a vessel designed to protect the fine porcelain from the heat of the kiln. The clay discs and the wash on the surface help to prevent the vessels sticking together during firing)
  • Fragments of Polychrome decorated porcelain.