A Piece of Cake

bakery model in museum display

Biennial display of an architectural model with cake icing and sound recording. Jeanne van Heeswijk, 2012

15 Sep 2012 - 25 Nov 2012
Free exhibition, no booking required

“Housing is the battlefield for our time and the home is its monument.”

2 Up 2 Down/Homebaked is a project in which residents of Anfield and Breckfield, North Liverpool, are taking steps to reimagine their neighbourhood, which has been the site of many large-scale regeneration initiatives.

This model was displayed in the People’s Republic gallery during the Liverpool Biennial 2012. It showed the plans to redesign the former Mitchell’s Bakery and the two terraced houses next door. The accompanying soundtrack was taken from a guided tour to Anfield and told the story of a community’s struggle to take matters into their own hands.

2 Up 2 Down/Homebaked was part of 'The Unexpected Guest'. This exhibition, which unfolded across Liverpool in many different venues, was part of Liverpool Biennial 2012. 'The Unexpected Guest' explored notions of hospitality, and the tension between different ‘cultures of hospitality’ where they must co-exist. In a globalising world, increasing mobility and interdependence are changing the way we welcome others, blurring the distinction between host and guest.