Festival of Archaeology

archaeologists at the Lunt Meadows excavation
12 Jul 2013 - 28 Jul 2013
Free exhibition, no booking required

There were two special displays of recent finds for the 2013 Festival of Archaeology. One display focused on the internationally-important Mesolithic site at Lunt Meadows, Sefton and the other display was about the community archaeology excavation at Rainford, St Helens.

Lunt Meadows has revealed evidence for the houses of people living in the area around 5,800BC - these people were hunter-gatherers and this is rare evidence for their settling in houses, rather than travelling round the landscape and setting up more temporary camps. Finds include flint tools blades and stone net sinkers - suggesting a varied diet of meat and fish along with the collection of berries and roots.

The potting and clay-pipe cottage industries of the Rainford village are being investigated through the Rainford's Roots project. Just a few of the near-complete post-medieval cups, bowls and other pots discovered so far were on display as part of the Festival of Archaeology in 2013. Further information about the project is on the Rainford's Roots website.