Hands on activity

Hands on: our Liverpool timeline

history timeline display in the museum

© Pete Carr

4 Jan 2018
Suitable for:
all visitors
Free drop-in event, no need to book
History Detectives gallery

Join us on gallery and gets hands on with real objects on our Liverpool timeline in the History Detectives gallery.

The museum’s timeline spans 12,000 years and is packed with stuff! Come and explore it with our Education team and a selection of handling objects. See and feel real and replica objects from the earliest settlers in Merseyside through to modern day Liverpool.

This handling session explores the growth of the city of Liverpool, starting with the formation of the River Mersey at the end of the last Ice Age. Learn about the earliest settlers in our region, discover how Liverpool came to be such an important trading port and find out why the city continues to attract visitors from all over the world today.

This event is part of our Christmas event series.