Batala drumming

visitors in the Museum of Liverpool

© Mark McNulty

17 May 2019
Suitable for:
all visitors
Free drop-in event, no need to book

LightNight at the Museum of Liverpool

This is part of a themed LightNight evening of events at the Museum of Liverpool. Throughout the evening we are offering a rare opportunity to glimpse into the lives of the first people to settle here and gain some understanding of a society and culture far removed from our own.

Connect with a people who did not see the divide between the supernatural and natural worlds like we do today, who revered the landscape they lived in, the same landscape that we inhabit now. Uncover how these societies have been rediscovered by museum archaeologists and explore the belief systems of Merseyside’s earliest people.

Through the scant symbols and structures they left behind, LightNight visitors will piece together the rhythm of the daily lives of prehistoric people; their rituals and their beliefs.

This event is part of our LightNight 2019 event series.