Competition entries

These photographs were entered in the Merseystyle photography competition . The competition has now closed, the entries have been judged and the five winning photographs were displayed in the Merseystyle exhibition from 23 September until the end of the exhibition on 27 October.

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'Film Noire' by Brian Sayle'Before the Storm' by Helen Smith'Burger?' by Pete Carr'New Brighton' by Pete Carr'Three Lions on a Truck' by Jane Orrell''Dog Tired of all this Malarkey!'' by Jane Orrell'The Port of Liverpool' by Helen Smith''Mousetrapped!'' by Jane Orrell'Girls in the rain' by Pete Carr''Spidee La - Chillaxin on Lifeboat Day, Hoylake!'' by Jane Orrell'Park Services' by Pete Carr'Nearly home time' by Helen Smith'Parr Street' by Alicja Nowicka'Victoria Building, University of Liverpool' by Col Hawksworth'Day' by Col Hawksworth'Urban Dance?' by Pete Carr'Batman takes a time out' by Pete Carr'Amazing Spider-Man' by Pete Carr'White Star... Blue Sky' by Col Hawksworth'Muppets' by Pete Carr''Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round...' Sefton Park LIMF' by Rob Weaver'Stairway to nowhere?' by Rob Weaver'If walls could talk......' by julie anderson'Which would you choose?' by julie anderson'mean streets' by julie anderson'peace in our time,Seaforth' by julie anderson'Chance encounters, Coronation Gardens, West Kirby' by Dave Venables'Making Friends, Coronation Gardens, West Kirby.' by Dave Venables'Mersey watercolors 09' by Zoltan Rozgonyi'Mersey watercolors 06' by Zoltan Rozgonyi'Mersey watercolors 05' by Zoltan Rozgonyi'The visitors' by Zoltan Rozgonyi'Coins and cards' by Zoltan Rozgonyi'Ramp to Birkenhead Ferry' by Robert Hodgson'St Johns Beacon from Renshaw Street' by Robert Hodgson'Roundabout - The Grand National, Aintree.' by Adam Akins'Early Evening - Liverpool' by James Deegan'West Kirby Marine Lake' by James Deegan'Moreton Shoreline' by James Deegan'Rust Red Wings, Liverpool' by James Deegan'Eastaham Woods' by James Deegan'Port of Liverpool Reflected in Mann Island' by James'Harry bouncing through the bluebells in Woolton Woods' by Stephen Turner'"crushed" at the Pier Head' by jane orford'Lost in Another Place' by Steven Poole'Have you had an accident at work...? (Wellington Road)' by Chris Huffee'slow, west kirby' by Steve Yates'all days, prenton' by Steve Yates'what's on, new brighton' by Steve Yates'Bridge to John Lewis L1' by Matt Shore'Clouds over Liverpool Museum' by Matt Shore'Liverpool Museum' by Matt Shore'West Kirby Marine Lake' by Matt Shore'Liverpool Museum & Liver Building' by Matt Shore'Window' by Bob Edwards'Circles' by Sophie Burgess'Monument' by Sophie Burgess'Night reflection.' by Sophie Burgess'Stanley Street Pride (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'Wise words (Liverpool central area)' by Nicholette Landrum'Sharing a joke (HMS Illustrious Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'Sun Behind The Cathedral' by Ross Butler'Cathedral Through Stained Glass' by Ross Butler'Mersey Illumination' by Ross Butler'St Geeorges brigade' by Nicholette Landrum'Do you?  (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'A little dog with big pride (st Georges hall Liverpool )' by NIcholette Landrum'Friendly tree at Sefton Park' by Diane Jansen'Dozing At The Dock' by Diane Jansen'You'll never walk alone' by Irene Nolan'Birkenhead from Princes Parade' by Ross Butler'Debris on Princes Parade' by Ross Butler'Pavement Rainbow' by Ross Butler'Planet Lightship' by Ross Butler'Museum of Liverpool in Winter' by Ross Butler'Salthouse Quay By Night' by Ross Butler'Snow on Strand Street' by Ross Butler'Fire and water' by Psysiu Malutki'Shells' by Psysiu Malutki'Fall' by Psysiu Malutki'Startup estate agent' by Chris Huffee'Central Library, Liverpool -  Refurbisment' by Fiona Mather'Chandalier in Liverpool Town Hall' by Anna Mather'Stair case in Liverpool Town Hall' by Anna Mulholland'Grand designs' by Nicholette Landrum'Going nowhere (Hope street area Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'So many locks but do they work? (Liverpool Cathdral Area)' by Nicholette Landrum'Come to Merseyside. Sun, sea, sand and sand and sand.' by Paul Huntsmoor'Albert Dock - after Frank Sutcliffe...' by Nick Barber'Read the small print (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'Elevator Studio(s)' by Clare Gammond'All you can(not) eat' by Clare Gammond'bigfoot little girl giant' by Clare Gammond'Thirsty work' by Clare Gammond'Bag of Tricks' by Clare Gammond'Banksy bi-plane' by Clare Gammond'Rollergirls no.2' by Clare Gammond'Rollergirls' by Clare Gammond'Jumping in Our Puddles' by Alan Dow'The no longer used outfall pipe on Crosby Beach....grew up five minutes from here' by David Gore'Samba Beats Merseyside Streets' by Michael Kikrham'The final departure. HMS Liverpool and the Museum of Liverpool.' by Dave Venables'What have you been up to? (woodchurch Wirral)' by Nicholetette Landrum'Love My Uni' by Robert Hodgson'George 111 Statue London Road, Eleanor Rigby and seagull' by Robert Hodgson'worlds reflected' by david walters'Welcome to St John`s Gardens' by Robert Hodgson'New Brighton Beach Memories' by reggiefromtheheights'Buzzin in Duke Street' by reggiefromtheheights'Watered Down Coffee - Canal at Vauxhall Road' by reggiefromtheheights'Mothers Ruin - New Brighton' by reggiefromtheheights'Sez It All. Dale St Liverpool' by reggiefromtheheights'Shady Guy - Duke St Liverpool' by reggiefromtheheights'X marks the spot' by reggiefromtheheights'Anchored (Birkenhead Wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'Cloud 9 scooter club at Oakesy's Diner, Birkenhead.' by Dave Venables'The Farewell: HMS Liverpool's leaves her home port for the very last time.' by Mike Travis'Scouse Kiss' by John Walsh'The Far East' by John Walsh'The Lyver Pool (2)' by John Walsh'The Lyver Pool (1)' by John Walsh'Liverpool1: A Space Odyssey' by John Walsh'SNAP!' by David Walters'mirror image' by david walters'Jump' by david walters'Leg Plants' by david walters'Metropolitan Cathedral Blue Night' by David Walters'Taken the hump and gone!' by David Grant'Walk On By, Art On The Prom, Wirral Festival of Firsts, Hoylake' by Dave Venables'mann island resident... watcihng the waterfront events this summer' by steve deer'The mist' by Jessica Curtis'Starlings Fly by the Mersey River' by Claire Hughes'Sight Seeing  (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'No Entry!  (Wirral)' by nicholette Landrum'Read the small print (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'No Parking   (Wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'Happy days  (Bidston Wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'All this wall needs is a splash of red  (wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'Trunk Warmers    (Liverpool central area)' by Nicholette Landrum'Make yourself at home  (Liverpool)' by Nicholette Landrum'A penny for my thoughts  (Wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'A nice day for demolition   (Woodchurch Wirral)' by Nicholette Landrum'The start of something different (new Brighton Wirral-the beginings of the pirate ship)' by Nicholette Landrum'Positive space (Birkenhead wirral)' by NIcholette Landrum''A good idea'   Liverpool' by Nicholette Landrum'I <3 Here' by Scott Russell'Desolation No1' by Darren Smith'Desolation No2' by Darren Smith'A wintry Sheldrakes' by Ian Knox'Redcoats fire a volley from Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton' by Dave Venables'Critics, buyers and the curious. Festival of Firsts, Hoylake Promenade.' by Dave Venables'American Football at Childwall Sports College. Measuring for a first down.' by Dave Venables'Windfarm sunset' by James Maloney'Lighthouse off Perch Rock' by James Maloney'Driftwood on New Brighton beach' by James Maloney'Glimpse of the future' by Clare Pritchard'Superdry' by Bob Edwards'If only!' by David Grant'Highbrow (Central Library)' by Claire Stevens'Homeward Bound (Liverpool One)' by Claire Stevens'Trolley (Wallasey)' by Claire Stevens'Ever Fallen..? (Lime St)' by Claire Stevens'Pride (Pier Head)' by Claire Stevens'The Choreography of Photography (Canning Dock)' by Claire Stevens'The Glamour Chase (Old Haymarket)' by Claire Stevens'Local By-Law (Colquitt Street)' by Claire Stevens'its art if i say it is' by sparky brennan'New Brighton gathering to re-launch the Black Pearl after a fire' by Dave Venables'Ship Ahoy - New Brighton' by John Hoogwerf'Branding King Street, Egremont, Wallasey.' by Dave Venables'Wallasey Constructions, King Street, Egremont, Wirral.' by Dave Venables'Fag break' by Richard Cooper'Trust in him' by Richard Cooper'Leeds/Liverpool Canal' by John Hoogwerf'Leeds/Liverpool Canal' by John Hoogwerf'Sunny Evening' by John Hoogwerf'Jump' by John Hoogwerf'Leeds/Liverpool Canal' by John Hoogwerf'Blockbuster Video, Pensby Road Heswall' by Dave Venables'Church notice, Methodist Church Heswall' by Dave Venables'The Devon Doorway, Country Pub & Dining. Telegraph Road Heswall' by Dave Venables'Car parking charges Pensby Road Heswall' by Dave Venables'Graces' by Davide Grossi'Chimneys' by Davide Grossi'Ripples' by Davide Grossi'Beyond the wall' by Davide Grossi'St George etc.' by Antony J Barbour'Work and Play' by marty saleh'Onion Head' by Marty Saleh''Rest Yourselves' seating project on New Brighton Promenade.' by Dave Venables'Morning exercise at Marine Point in New Brighton.' by Dave Venables'Wirral Whipitere on Ian Fraser Walk New Brighton' by Dave Venables'Stop Traffic' by Sarah Gallear'Reflections' by Sarah Gallear'Reborn' by Sarah Gallear'Pirate Bay' by Sarah Gallear'Out of the office' by Sarah Gallear'Just Landed' by Sarah Gallear'Henry' by Sarah Gallear'Car Stereo' by Sarah Gallear'Cobbles' by William Broughton'Hanging around Cairns St Liverpool 8' by Diane Jansen'Culture Capital' by Jonathan Simms'All Mod Cons' by Sarah Gallear'Loving Liverpool Street Life by Paul Wicker' by Paul Wicker''Can't  get much higher'' by Lancaster Robert Peter'Forgotten Liverpool.Brooks Alley.2012' by Lancaster Robert Peter'Be the Change......' by Jane Orrell'Tossed Out ' The Nut House!' by Jane Orrell'Road Sign' by Jane Orrell'Smile....It may never happen!' by Jane Orrell'Everyone's a winner babe!' by Jane Orrell'It's Crazy But it's True......' by Jane Orrell'Sons of the Blue Angel' by Jane Orrell'Pride and Pain' by Jane Orrell'Selling the Sole' by Jane Orrell'Wait'n!' by Jane Orrell'If the Shoe Fits! 1' by Jane Orrell'Feeding The Five a Day' by Jane Orrell'Stairway to Heaven, (Levitating above the steps to Paddy's Wigwam)' by Jane Orrell'Wirral Kite Festival 2' by Karen Rainford'I see Heaven & Earth' by Karen Rainford'SilverSuperStrandBanana' by Karen Rainford'Xolo!' by Karen Rainford'Wirral Kite Festival 1' by Karen Rainford'New Brighton Lighthouse' by Colin McLoughlin'Pier Head from Museum of Liverpool' by Colin McLoughlin'No Public Flying in this Area, Kite Festival, New Brighton, June 2012' by Colin McLoughlin'The Boys Pen' by Nick Gerrard'Cathedral City Kids' by Helen Carroll'Liverpool Skyline' by Colin McLoughlin'Canine Cuts, Wallasey' by Colin McLoughlin'Ferry Across The Mersey, Seacombe Ferry' by Colin McLoughlin'C & R Blinds' by Colin McLoughlin'Fort Perch Rock Beach, New Brighton' by Colin McLoughlin''Down the pan' Cairns St Liverpool 8' by Diane Jansen'Albert Dock from The Tate' by Steve Lamb'94, Wood St' by Delphine Comte'Car Boot Sale' by Sean Thornton'Living flowers, dying houses, Cairns st Liverpool 8' by Diane Jansen'Relaxing In Princes Park' by Pak Hung Chan'watching from a distance' by john foley'Time to reflect' by john foley'Standing Tall' by john foley'The last honest building' by Kevin Donovan'Lots of leaves in Liverpool 8' by Diane jansen'Garswood Station. 7.30am. shameless.' by Martin Rollinson'The Guardians' by ROLLA'Choice's' by ROLLA'On reflection' by ROLLA'Room with a view' by ROLLA'Smile back!!!' by ROLLA'The empty pushchair' by ROLLA'Nogsy Soldier' by ROLLA'Underwater Street' by ROLLA'Up North' by Gordon Pemberton'Suitcases on Hope Street.' by Steve Lamb'Fish and chips, a Family day out in New Brighton' by Mark Walch'Do you feel lonely?' by Ricky Rayon'Sun, vest & our backyard 1985 - Maple Grove L8' by Dave Wibberley'Orange Scum on Wapping A5036 wall in 2004' by Dave Wibberley'Two Scouse Birds' by Rob Weaver'Orange day parade' by STUART BENTLEY'BOY FROM THE BLITZ' by CAROLINE LOWTHER'Liverpool Lambannana: Amazing photo of a graduating lambannana looking over customers in Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool.' by Paul Wicker'regeneration' by Stephen Coyle'Red Signs in Leece Street' by Bob Edwards'From one Cathedral to another' by Bob Edwards'City Reflection' by John Lees'Got The Wedding Bug' by david probert'peace in the city' by mrs catherine smith'Street art in Liverpool' by Amelia Lonsdale'Thats Right, Thats Right, Thats Right, Thats Right, I Really Love That Tiger Kite! @ New Brighton (Dips)' by david.probert'Quest: Merseyside Police Dog  .. Gets His Bear!' by david probert'like a grandfather' by Fakhiya K Al-Yahiya'Shadows on the Sea' by Stephen Coyle'Another time Another Ace' by Stephen Coyle'street music' by STUART BENTLEY'Welsh Streets, Toxteth' by STUART BENTLEY'I walk alone.' by Sameer Aftab'Memoirs' by Sameer Aftab'memoirs' by Sameer Aftab'life of RUS' by Sameer Aftab'Memoirs' by Sameer Aftab'Another Time, Another Place' by Steve Murray'sorry about the drips' by Carol'Hung out to dry' by James Malone'TELL ME MA' by James Malone'Cheeky Horse in New Brighton.' by Stephen Coyle'Tickle the ivories - Just walk on by' by Rob Weaver'Bold Street Busking' by Rob Weaver'Locked in Love' by Rob Weaver'Toblerphone - Church Street, Liverpool' by Phil McAllister'...and they're off! Aintree race day Liverpool 2013' by Phil McAllister'Three times a lady - Liverpool Pride 2012' by Phil McAllister'Rivals' by Phil McAllister'style is timeless - church street' by rob lawlor'James street gangster' by rob lawlor'tickle the ivories - Liverpool one' by rob lawlor'the echo of church street' by rob lawlor'Four Lads Shake the World' by Paul Hunt'Dock Reflection' by Paul Hunt'Liver Building from the Ferry' by Paul Hunt'Not only Blackpool that has a Tower!' by Paul Hunt'Pierhead Directions' by Paul Hunt'Listen. Do you want to know a secret?' by Paul Hunt'Help, I need somebody!' by Paul Hunt'Yellow Duck Behind Bars' by Paul Hunt'Hen Party Matthew St Style' by Paul Hunt'From the 40 Steps, Everton Brow' by Bob Edwards'Cathedral Of Christ The King' by Bob Edwards'Get yours here' by Tony Pearson-Smith'Sefton Parks 3 Cousins' by Dawny'Otterspool Contemplation' by Simon Reader'Flying High' by Simon Reader'Happy Donut' by Keith Jones'Deep in thought' by Simon Reader'Reach for the sky' by Simon Reader'Liverpool: Mixed Architectural Style' by Sophie Weber'Fountain Fun' by Cassie'Summer Streets of Liverpool' by Cassandra Hodge'Alone on Hilbre Island' by Ian Breo'Sea of Power @ Hilbre Island' by Ian Breo'John Lennon Bus @ John Lennon's House' by Ian Breo'Driftwood' by Stuart Sheridan'We have been told......' by Matthew Jacobson'"a room outside ? "' by Matthew Jacobson'Another Place..Another Planet. Crosby' by Sean Thornton'Almost at the summit' by Linda Kirkpatrick'Mirror image Bold Street L1' by Sean Thornton'New Brighton' by Dean Davies'City cycle lanes' by Sean Thornton'Little Miss Sunshine' by Sean Thornton'Room with a view' by Sean Thornton'A Dusk New Brighton' by Sam Hunt'New Brighton' by b.'Birkenhead' by b.'Liscard Village' by b.'Gorsey Lane' by b.'Liscard Village' by b.'Seacombe, Old Dole Office' by b.'Field Cottages, Liscard Village' by b.'Grange Rd.' by b.'Liscard Village' by b.'Sunset Flight of the Mersey' by Sara Parker'Liverpool Skyline from Everton Brow' by Bob Edwards'Anglican Cathedral June 2013' by Bob Edwards'Birds Eye View' by elaine sheridan'Albert dock roofing' by Bonnal'Albert Dock' by Jimmy BONNAL'Rusty Road' by Richard Thomas'The View From Water Street' by Elizabeth Fraser'mathew st. cavern walks' by doug wright'bird watching liverpool' by David Dunnico'old new liverpool' by David Dunnico'Futurist Liverpool' by David Dunnico