Christine Cairn-Clark (on the right in this photograph) was a regular at Eric's;

"I lived and breathed Eric's. At two o'clock I would cry"

Two women standing in front of a brick wall

Photograph courtesy of Christine Clarke-Cairn

From the start Eric's was a members club, entitling it to a special licence which allowed it to stay open until 2am. At its peak the club had approximately 5,000 members, with about 100 hard-core regulars who showed up every week.

Recognisable regulars included Pete Burns in amazing make-up, his wife Lin with her kettle handbag, Jayne Casey with a lampshade hat on her shaved head, Holly Johnson and Margi Clark.

"Eric's was like home, you lived there, you lived for Eric's ...there was nothing like it on the planet" Christine Clarke-Cairn

At a time when unemployment was high, people could see bands like XTC or Dead or Alive for £1.50. On busy nights people would queue along the length of Mathew Street. Eric's also staged matinee shows. For 50p teenagers could see the headline band from the later show. Initially this was a way of encouraging groups to come to Eric's - they would be paid for two gigs, making it worth travelling to the North West.

"Eric's was like going to a scary movie! You never knew what was gonna happen. Every night was a surprise, you never got bored with the place." Christine Clarke-Cairn