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HAIR - Heritage. Attitude. Identity. Respect.

13 February to 31 August 2015

This display has closed

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In this unique former display, members of Liverpool's own Black community took visitors through the history of Black hair, strand by strand, and described how their hair has affected their lives. 

The display explored how Black hair styles have evolved and how they reflect wider social change and political movements. From dreads to afros, high tops to weaves - all are statements of Black attitude, pride and identity.

What do you think is the next big trend and future of Black hair? Tell us on twitter @Brouhaha_Int using the hashtag #HAIR.

Audio introduction to the display

Listen to an introduction to the HAIR display below. You can also download a transcript of all the audio clips for this display (pdf).

Display created by Brouhaha International - The International Spirit of Community and Carnival. 

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