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Shah Nawaz

Shah Nawaz in traditional dress, February 1956.

Shah Nawaz

Shah Nawaz was born in the village of Paour Miana on 1 June 1929. He came to Liverpool in August 1950 to marry Mir Alam's daughter Joan.

He worked at a foundry in Bradford before getting married on 26 December 1951. The couple lived in Upper Stanhope Street. He was a welder by trade and worked as a shipbuilder at Camel Laird for 27 years. Joan worked as a packer at Crawford's Biscuits.

In 1972 he bought a shop in Granby Street with his partner Mohammed Yousaf Choudhury. The Pakistan General Store supplied meat to ships that docked from South Asian countries.

Shah Nawaz has been the Vice President of the Pakistani Centre for over 25 years and is a central figure in the Muslim community. He has six children and 19 grandchildren. Shah Nawaz now runs several nursing homes in Merseyside and still lives in Liverpool.

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