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Rasool Khan

Rasool Khan in the late 1920s.

Rasool Khan

Rasool Khan was born in the village of Nartopa in the North West Frontier Province of India. He made the journey to England in 1926 to earn enough money to help his family buy more farmland.

He settled in Sheffield before moving to Liverpool with his wife and children in 1946. Rasool, his wife Elsie and their seven children lived at 105 Stanley Road where they ran a broker’s shop. Over the years the family turned the premises into a snack bar and drapers business.

Rasool was a gifted magician and entertainer. He started his stage career in working men’s clubs around the city before touring Europe and appearing on television as ‘Rasool Hamza, Pakistan’s Great Illusionist’. No matter how busy he was he always found time to perform for Liverpool’s orphaned children at Christmas time.

He helped many new arrivals from India with second hand overcoats and a few shillings for the fare to cities where there was more work. Rasool died whilst performing on stage in 1955.

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