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Harbans Singh Rangila

Harbans (left) with his father Vir Singh Rangila, 1949. They left India together to find work in England.

Harbans Singh Rangila

Harbans Singh Rangila was born in Lahore in 1929. A casualty of the Partition he came to England in 1949 to find work to support his family.

Harbans stayed with friends in Manchester and travelled around the north of England peddling clothes. In 1951 he moved to Liverpool to join his sister and brother-in-law. His wife Reej, two young sons and mother arrived in the same year.
They lived in George's Square before moving to Tennyson Road and later Edgerton Street.

Harbans found that the greatest barrier in finding better paid work was not just skin colour or language but his turban. He applied for promotion at Lime Street Station but was told that he was too old, he was only 24. In 1959 Harbans started work at Courtaulds in Preston, where he worked until it closed down in 1980. Harbans still lives in Preston.

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